Pioneering in Wireless Mesh Technology in Iraq, DijlaISP is the leading Wireless Broadband ISP in the country. Headquartered at Erbil,Iraq DijlaISP offers seamless Broadband connectivity wirelessly accessible from anywhere. DijlaISP offers unmatchable connectivity and speeds. By offering ubiquitous connectivity DijlaISP is redefining the way we access the Internet.

The company is the first to offer a differentiated product portfolio including Prepaid Services, Bonus Bandwidth, Roaming Broadband and Home WiFi. We pride ourselves in not only offering the largest product offering but available at the best prices the market has to offer.


Video Call Your Loved Ones
Connect with your loved ones. Talk to them face to face. Be together even if apart.
Play Online Games
Play online games without pauses. Play alone or play with friends from all over the world.
Watch Online TV & Movies
Watch Online TV. Never miss an episode of your favourite series. Watch them live, or later according to your convenience. Play videos from the unlimited collection on internet. Play them without buffering issues
Listen Unlimited Music
With lightening fast speed of DijlaISP, You can now listen your favourites Songs at any time and at any place.