As your business’ communication blurs the geographical boundaries, it needs the reliability of a service that helps manage the exchange of intensive communication and large data volumes efficiently, in a secured manner.
DijlaISP Wireline/wireless Services backed by robust network infrastructure capabilities will help you connect offices across boundaries seamlessly.

DijlaISP’s Internet Leased Line gives you the independence of a dedicated and secured data connectivity between your business locations and DijlaISP Internet Gateways.

Gives your organisation an edge of faster data output with state-of-the-art infrastructure supporting right from your web-hosting to your e-mail and internet connectivity infrastructure efficiently.



The features on offer include the following:

  • Guaranteed bandwidth ranging from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps and more.
  • Flexible and easy to scale
  • Can easily accommodate bandwidth-hungry applications
  • Can give 1:1 bandwidth with protected international routes with Priority Internet Leased Line
  • Can give 1:1 bandwidth with un-protected international routes with Business Internet Leased Line
  • Business Internet Port leading to committed bandwidth of 70% on the port
  • Value Plus Internet Leased Line offering committed bandwidth of 25% of the port bandwidth



  • Allows faster adoption and hosting of Internet based applications
  • Provides both dedicated and shared bandwidth
  • Delivers symmetric bandwidth and faster output
  • Gives high uptimes and low latencies, guaranteed by Service Level Agreements
  • Has a high capacity carrier grade backbone network, so you can scale up as your business grows
  • Connects to Internet ports of major international exchange locations
  • Delivers periodic performance reports


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